About CCML

The City of Chicago Math League is sponsored by the Chicago Board of Education to encourage students to challenge themselves mathematically. Each year, at least thirty schools compete over five contests (four "regular" contests plus a citywide finals) to determine the city champion and to prepare for competition at the state level.

Each contest consists of a 20 question exam which must be completed in 50 minutes. Contests are administered at three sites; schools are assigned to sites based on their locations. Competition is divided into four grade level/topic areas: Algebra 1 (9th grade), Geometry (10th grade), Algebra 2 (11th grade), and Pre-Calculus (12th grade). At each regional meet, ribbons are awarded to the top three students in each subject in Division A and in Division B/C. After four meets, the top 30 students in each category, based on city-wide rankings, are invited to the city finals. Seven awards are then given in each subject based on the results of the citywide finals.